Many of our actors have left the Bryan/College Station area to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry whether it be on a stage, in a classroom, or on the screen. Here's what some of them have to say about their time with The Theatre Company.

Thomas SadoskiThe Theatre Company was my genesis point. It was the place I first learned about and fell deeply in love with the theatre, with acting, with the arts. It was truly indispensable to my development as an artist and it is my strong belief that it has been and will remain a truly indispensable part of the community.

I'll never forget the love and camaraderie I found at The Theatre Company. The joyful nights spent rehearsing; hours happily flying by working alongside friends. I'll never forget the support and encouragement I received from Randy and the whole of the company when I decided to make the leap and head off to New York. To this day I still carry and rely on many of the lessons I learned from my time spent there.

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stefani-millerThe Theatre Company, then 'magination Station, woke me up to the magic of live theatre. On stage, I feel beautiful and powerful...and alive! Moving to New York would never have been a possibility for me. I didn't know that I could! Thank you for freeing me!

jennifer_key_westlingThe Theatre Company of B/CS is a place for memories that last a lifetime. Sharing and participating in the act of live storytelling is an exhilarating experience where you never know what can happen next! Every show is an unique chance to experience the human condition through the lens of the most welcoming, generous, and talented bunch of artists I've ever had the pleasure to know.

Lynne JensonI thought of Randy and theatre in Texas with great affection in October and November as Atlanta debuted our first all-female Macbeth. I played five very distinct roles in that production and thank Randy for his belief in my abilities because, frankly, I believe the years of Shakespeare under Randy’s tutelage made such possible.

eric_franksonMy time in the theatre company was magical and has left its mark on me in such creatively positive ways. You inhabit new characters, new times and places and you do it with people you come to think of as family. From the tutelage of an experienced actor and director like Randy to the collaborative nature of productions, it's a wonderful experience for those with dreams of Broadway stages or the just simply love to act and sing for fun like me.

amanda_morrisseySome of my absolute favorite memories of my adult life are of my 7 plus years at TTC. Not only did I have the opportunity to play some amazing roles in incredible shows, but I also met my husband and my lifelong best friends. I learned so much from Randy and grew to have a wonderful appreciation for the performing arts. It will always hold a special place in my heart!

michael_ellisonThe Theatre Company opened my eyes to so many things: culture, music, friendships and a new way of approaching life. I hope every young person has the opportunity to experience the arts and all that they have to offer.