• Auditioning
  • What time are auditions?

    Audition dates are set for all of our productions. Check out the current season page for the dates. Auditions always begin at 7:00 pm. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the 7:00 pm start time to submit your audition sheet and possibly work with the accompanist. The first night is the open audition; the second night is reserved for call backs. If you don’t show up until the second night of rehearsals, you will usually not be allowed to audition unless you make prior arrangements.

  • Does TTC do “open” auditions?

    Yes. TTC will occasionally precast specific parts or special shows, but generally, all auditions are open, which means anyone can audition for any role. We welcome new performers of all ages, and we do try to cast age appropriately for our shows (i.e., young people playing young people, middle aged people playing middle aged people, etc.).

  • Will everyone hear me sing?

    Yes. The general public, all auditioners, the show stage crew, and the artistic director will be listening to you during your audition. However, the casting is done primarily by the artistic director, sometimes with input from his music director or choreographer for specific shows. His/her decisions are final, and the board of directors of The Theatre Company fully supports the director in his/her selections.

  • Do I need to sing a Broadway song?

    Yes. We ask that you prepare a portion of a Broadway song that is not from the show for which you are auditioning. Sing a part of a Broadway song that shows off your voice, is appropriate (and free of profanity, since there may be younger patrons or auditioners present). We recommend that you select 16-24 measures of an appropriate song in light of the role for which you’re auditioning.

  • Should I bring music or may I sing a cappella?

    We look very favorably on performers who come prepared with an appropriate Broadway song that is well-rehearsed, and that has piano accompaniment. We have a pianist at all auditions, and ask that you bring sheet music and get with the accompanist before auditions begin to explain which part of your song you’re using, where the accompanist should start or what they should provide for an intro, etc. A cappella is also allowed if you have no accompaniment music.

  • Do I have to sing?

    Yes. TTC performs Broadway MUSICALS. You do not have to have a solo voice, but we will need to hear you sing, and you should not be afraid to sing in front of people. That’s what we do, so you need to be willing and ready to sing in front of any audience.

  • Will there be a choreography audition?

    For most shows, we will do a choreography audition after everyone has done their vocal audition. The choreographer will show you a few dance steps, usually from the show for which you’re auditioning, and rehearse those steps with the entire group of people auditioning for the show. Then the choreographer and artistic director will have small groups come out and perform the steps so they can see how well you move. If you’re not a dancer, it’s okay. We still need to see you dance, and we will require a dance audition in order to cast you appropriately. Please wear appropriate shoes for dancing (e.g.: no sandals).

  • Do I need a prepared monologue?

    For TTC, you do not need a prepared monologue. We will do cold readings of a scene from the show for which you’re auditioning on the second night (callbacks) of auditions and the director will ask people to read for specific parts.

  • If I don’t get a call-back, does that mean I’m not cast?

    Not necessarily. The director will just have callbacks for people he wants to hear read for specific parts. Others may be cast in the chorus, but if he doesn’t need to hear you read, he won’t waste time having you come to callbacks.

  • When is the cast list posted?

    The cast listed is posted on TTC’s web site and on our FaceBook fan and group pages the morning after callbacks, typically before noon. Anyone can "join" group page and "like" the fan page.

  • Is there a required production/registration fee if I’m cast?

    No. TTC does not require its actors to pay production fees. Our underwriters graciously cover the cost of producing a show.

  • Do TTC actors get paid?

    No. TTC does not pay its actors. We are a volunteer, community theater organization that uses local, high-quality talent to put on professional quality Broadway shows at a fraction of the cost audiences would pay for a touring show.

  • How big is TTC’s audience usually?

    Our theater holds approximately 230 patrons. Frequently, TTC sells out certain performances, depending on the popularity of the show being performed.

  • Can I miss any rehearsals or performances?

    When you audition, you will receive a tentative rehearsal schedule. You are asked to list any conflict dates you have on your audition form. Minor absences are sometimes permitted with prior approval from the artistic director. However, actors cannot miss ANY dress rehearsal performances nor can they miss ANY performances. So please make careful note of those dates before auditioning.

  • What does a typical rehearsal schedule look like?

    Every show typically has a 5-week rehearsal schedule that starts the day following auditions. The first 4 weeks will be blocking and rehearsing all of the individual scenes. Actors are not required to be at the theatre if they are not in the particular scene(s) being blocked. The 5th week will be all dress rehearsals and all actors are required to be at the theatre every night.

    Weekday rehearsals are Monday-Friday and start at 7:00pm and are over by 10:00pm. Saturday rehearsals typically start at 4:00pm and are over by 8:00pm. Individual show rehearsal schedules may vary.

  • Are there any age requirements?

    No, we do not have a minimum (or maximum) age requirement. Please note, however, that not all shows call for children to be part of the cast. Teenage children can sometimes be cast in roles that are "older".